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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you source your data

Our raw match data comes directly from the Riot Developer API as a registered independent developer.

What is the advantage of LoLalytics compared to other statistics sites?

  • 25,000,000+ Platinum+ champions analyzed weekly
  • Every Platinum+ Game from Every Region
  • Every Special Game Mode played by Platinum+ players
  • Choose analysis from last 7 days or current patch only
  • Hourly updates after major patches with near real time statistics
  • More data means more accurate information on low play rate champions and item builds
  • Items, skills, abilities, masteries broken down individually
  • Top summoners performance analyzed on every champion
  • Continually evolving site with a lot more to come!
  • What is the difference between All Regions Combined and Current Patch Only?

    All regions combined is the last 7 days of statistics focusing on full day results.

    Current patch only resets statistics to 0 upon release of a new patch and includes up to the minute matches. After 7 days they are almost identical except current patch only data will include all matches on the current day as well.

    How often do you update

    After major patches we provide hourly results for the current patch while the regular data updates daily for smaller regions and multiple times a day for larger regions once enough results for the day are available to provide meaningful statistics.

    Why don't you compare patch by patch?

    We believe once new patch arrives data from the old patch is meaningless to anybody but an LCS player who by now already knows the strengths of the previous patch they are playing upon. Fresh daily updated data is infinitely more useful than a patch you will never play on again.

    How is the Tier of a champion determined

    Firstly we rank all champions in 4 categories:

  • Platinum+ Win Rate
  • Pick/Ban Influence of the Champion
  • Win rate of the top summoners on the champion over the last 7 days
  • The average elo of the top summoner games over the last 7 days
  • We then combine the champions rankings from all 4 categories to find an overall ranking and then distribute the following tiers of Challenger, Masters, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

    We believe this is a systematic way to measure a champions performance not only by the majority of players but also take into account what can be done on the champion in the hands of an expert.

    Can I donate to help?

    Any help to enable me to continue to update fulltime is greatly appreciated!

    Privacy Policy

    LoLalytics stores only basic temporary server logs and stores no user cookies. We do however use Google Analytics, Adsense and Facebook sharing who most certainly do store cookies and have their own privacy policies.

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